RS-70: Assigning A Drum Set To Any Part

Tags: rhythm,rs-70,drum,part
The RS-70 can have multiple rhythm sets active at the same time. Any (or all) parts can be a rhythm part. Use the following procedure to assign a rhythm set to a part:

1. Press PATTERN, under PERFORM, so it is lit.

2. Press PART SELECT so it is lit.

3. Press one of the numbered buttons (0 – 9) to select a part.

4. While holding SHIFT, press the left PAGE/CURSOR button several times to display the “Rh” rhythm set menu.

5. Press the VALUE buttons to choose a rhythm set for the selected part.

6. Repeat steps 3 through 5 for additional parts if desired.

NOTE: Be sure to "write" your edited performance to save your settings.