BR-8, BR-1180CD: Converting BR-8 songs and loading them into the BR-1180CD

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BR-1180CD users who have computers equipped with a Zip drive and CD-R/RW drive can load songs from BR-8 disks.

1. Copy the entire contents of the BR-8 Zip disk to the computer's hard drive.

At this time, confirm that all of the necessary files are included. Songs cannot be loaded properly if any necessary file name is missing, or if file names have been altered.
Required files:
SONG????.VS3\ folder and all files under it

2. Write all of the copied files and folders as is to a CD-R or CD-RW.

Write using only ISO 9660 Level 3 Mode 1. Use of other formats may not allow the data to be written correctly. Additionally, complete the writing by finalizing the disc (Close Session).

3. Place the CD-R/RW with the data written to it in the BR-1180CD.

4. Press the CD-R/RW [DATA SAVE/LOAD] button, use CURSOR to move the cursor to "CONVERT BR-8 SONGS", then press ENTER.

"Now Checking..." is displayed, and a list of the BR-8's songs is displayed.

5. Use CURSOR to move the cursor to the song you want to load, then press ENTER.

"Now Converting..." is displayed, and loading of the song begins. The process is finished when "Complete!" is shown on the display.