GR-30: Realtime Arpeggiator Creation

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The Arpeggiator records the order in which strings are played, rather than the
notes actually played. Therefore, the order in which the strings are played is
important but the actual note(s)played are not. The note(s) will be determined
by the fretting of the guitar during playback. If the strings played (or not
played) during the triggering of the arpeggio differ from those contained in
the arpeggio pattern, the GR-30 will logically substitute string based on its
built in internal algorithms. Use the following procedure to create an

1) Select a PATCH.
2) Use the EDIT/TARGET dial to select "ARPEGGIO/harmony."
3) Use the PARAMETER SELECT dial to select "[D]" ( A -TEMPO/h -remote).
4) Press EDIT/PLAY.
5) Press PEDAL 1 and the metronome will start. Each beep represents an
eighth-note location where events may entered.
6) Use the [+] or [-] buttons to select the number of event locations (up to
32) for the arpeggio pattern.
7) Press PEDAL 2 and a one measure count-in will began. The display will
indicate the count -in with negative numbers ( -4,-3, -2,-1.).
8) After the count-in, begin playing the strings in time to the metronome
(one or more strings per beat).
9) When you’ve finished playing, press PEDAL 1 to stop the recording. Strum
the guitar to check your arpeggio.
10) Use the PARAMETER SELECT dial to select ‘‘ WRITE PATCH? " and press the [+]
and [-] buttons simultaneously to write the arpeggio pattern into memory.