VS-1680, VS-1880, VS-1824, VS-1824CD: Initializing the Hard Drive - Physical Format

Tags: drive,hard,format,initialize,physical,initializing

Fragmentation is a naturally occurring process for a hard drive used with any computer or recording device. Hard drives that record audio are especially prone to fragmentation due to the start-and-stop nature of recording. When a VS recorder stores files, it squeezes them into any bits of free space it can find on the drive. As a result, the data winds up scattered all over the hard drive. When the data is stored in such little bits and pieces all over the drive, the process of accessing this data eventually slows down as more files are added, and thus...the hard drive becomes "fragmented".

Initializing a hard drive is also necessary if a new hard drive is being used.


  • Initializing the drive erases the entire hard drive. Backup any data/projects you need prior to initializing.
  • The VS-1680, VS-1880 and VS-1824CD are compatible with 16GB hard drives maximum. Larger drives are not officially compatible and will most likely not initialize or format.

1. Hold down SHIFT and press [F6]UTILITY.
2. Press the PAGE button to access the second page of the Utility Menu.
3. Select [F6]DrIni for Drive Initialize.
4. Cursor to the "Init Drive" box and turn the TIME/VALUE dial to select the drive to be initialized.
Note: “IDE” indicates the internal hard drive and “SCSI” indicates external SCSI drives.

5. Cursor down to the Physical Format box and turn it "On" with the TIME/VALUE dial.
6. Press [F4]EXEC for execute to begin the process.
7. The messages "Are you Sure?" and "Are you really sure?" will appear, press the ENTER/YES button in response to both messages.