TD-10: Assigning Instruments to Individual Outputs.

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Instruments within a selected kit can be assigned to the direct outputs. This
can be very useful when multi-track recording or isolating instruments in a
live sound application. Use the following procedure to assign instruments to
the direct outs:

2. Press F1 (MIXER).
3. Press F3 (OUTPUT).
4. Use the CURSOR right or left buttons to select the desired instrument.
5. Use the VALUE dial to select the instrument's output designation.
( M= "Master", 1= "Direct 1", 2 = "Direct 2", 3 = "Direct 3")
6. Press F2 (PAN).
7. Now use the CURSOR right or left buttons, and VALUE dial to change the
instrument's panning.

EXAMPLE : If a kick and snare have both been assigned to DIRECT 1 you must
pan the kick opposite of the snare or both sounds will be heard out of both
direct 1 LEFT and RIGHT.

8. Press EXIT when finished