RD-700SX: Assigning a Slider to Control the Rhythm Part Volume

Tags: rhythm,rd-700sx
You can assign any of the four volume sliders (Upper 1/2, Lower 1/2) to control the volume of any part in the RD-700SX. Use the following procedure to assign the Lower 2 slider to control the volume of the rhythm part.

1. Press EXIT to display the main TONE screen.

2. Press F2 ZONE INFO.

3. User the CURSOR buttons to select P.A (Part Assign) for LW2. This is located in the 4th series of parameters and is normally set to 4.

4. Use the DEC/INC buttons to change this setting to 10.

Now part 4 is assigned to the rhythm part. You can activate the part and play the drum sounds from the keyboard and you can also use the volume slider for LW2 to control the volume of the drums. You can also now assign a foot pedal or other MIDI controller to control this part.