RC-505: Track FX Switch

Tags: effects,disable

The Track FX switch lets you specify which Tracks will have the effects applied when you press the Track FX A B C buttons. Set the switch to "ON" if you want the effects to be applied to the Track. Here's how.

1. Choose a memory location to edit.

2. Press the EDIT button for  the Track that you want to set the Track FX switch for. - The EDIT button flashes green.  

3. Press the parameter right button to select the "Track Fx" screen.

4. Turn the MEMORY / VALUE dial to choose the desired setting (ON or OFF).

5. Press the next Track EDIT button that you'd like to set, and then turn the MEMORY / VALUE dial to choose ON or OFF for that Track.

6. Repeat the process for any remaining Tracks.

7. Press the WRITE button twice to save the new settings to the memory.