CD-2: Applying Effects to Inputs

Tags: effect,cd-2
You can apply two separate effects to the individual inputs of the CD-2. For example if you have two separate inputs such as a guitar in channel 1 and vocal in channel 2, you can call up a patch designed to apply effects unique to each of those inputs:

-First you must set the “Ext MIC1/2 Pan” to L/R:
1. Press MENU several times until "EXT MIC1/2 PAN" appears in the display.

2. Press ENTER.

3. Turn the DATA wheel until "L/R" appears in the display.

4. Press EXIT.

5. Press EXIT again.

-Now you can apply the effects:
1. Press the EFFECT button several times until you get to the "GTR:" category.

2. Use the DATA wheel to scroll through the patches.

Note: The patches that apply two separate effects have a "+" in them; i.e. "JC-120 + COMP" applies the JC-120 sound to a guitar plugged into the GTR jack, and a compressor to a microphone plugged into MIC 2.

3. Once you select the patch you want, press EXIT.

You can now begin your recording and the effects will be applied!