VS-890, VS-880EX, VS-880: Clearing Markers on the VS-880/880EX/890

Tags: vs-880,vs-880ex,vs-890,clear,marker,markers
Use the following procedure to erase markers you have entered:

1. Press PLAY/DISPLAY. Press the CURSOR < or > buttons (also called the NO and YES buttons) until the MARKER section of the time counter blinks. Now your TIME/VALUE dial will scroll through the song by markers .

2. Use the TIME/VALUE dial to scroll to the desired marker. Press and hold CLEAR and press TAP to erase that marker.

3. If desired, holding CLEAR and SHIFT and pressing TAP will prompt you to erase all markers. Press YES to erase all markers, or press NO.

4. To return the TIME/VALUE dial to its default setting (scrolling by frames), press YES so that the marker section of the time counter is no longer blinking.