R-09: Formatting the SD (Secure Digital) Memory Card (Initialize)

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The following procedure can be used to clear the internal memory and reload the factory settings:

(CAUTION!!!!: All USER information will be lost!!! Be sure to back up any information you wish to keep!!!)

After purchasing a new SD memory card for use in the R-09, the formatting procedure must be performed in order to use the card with the recorder. To format the memory card, please use the following steps. Please note that any DATA previously stored on the card will be deleted.

1) With power off, insert an SD memory card.

2) Power on the R-09 and then press and hold down the [Finder/Menu] button until the Menu appears.

3) Use the [Stop] button to cursor down to "SD Card" and press the [REC] button.

4) Then use the [Stop] button to cursor to "Format" and press the [REC] button.

5) You will now be on the Format SD Card screen. Use the [Right] cursor button to select "Yes" and press the [Rec] button. "Now Processing" will appear in the screen. When the unit reverts back to the previous screen, the SD card will now be formatted and ready for use in the R-09.

6) Press the [Finder/Menu] button twice to exit to the main screen. You are now ready to begin recording.