ME-20: Editing Patches

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You can change the sound of any patch by editing its parameters. Use the knobs to change effect parameter settings, and use the pedals to turn effects on or off.

1. Select a Patch to edit.

2. Press EDIT/EXIT — the MEMORY indicator and “Ed” flash in the display to show you’re in Patch Edit mode.

3 Press the OD/DS, MOD, and DELAY pedals to turn the OD/DS, MOD and DELAY effects on and off as desired.

4. To edit an effect, press its pedal so its indicator lights.

5. Turn the knobs to change the effect’s parameter settings as desired.

6. Repeat Steps 4 and 5 to adjust other the parameters of other effects.
Note: You may need to fully sweep a knob past the value stored in the current patch to hear a change in the effect.
Tip: For detailed information on the various effects, refer to Pages 16–21 in the ME-20 Owner’s Manual.