DR-3: Recording a Pattern

Tags: create,write,dr-3
Use the following steps to record a User pattern in the DR-3:

1. Turn the VALUE dial to select a USER Style (U001-U100).

2. Hold the PTN button (above the INST button) and press VERSE A to select the "VERSE A" pattern location.

3. Press the TAP TEMPO button, and then turn the VALUE dial to set the desired tempo.

4. Press the INST button repeatedly to select "DRUM." This selects the drum part for the pads.

5. Press STEP REC and then press the START button - (not the INTRO/START pad).

6. Tap the instrument pads (following along with the metronome) to input the desired rhythm.

7. When you're finished, press STOP.

8. Press START to hear your new pattern.

9. Repeat the steps to create patterns for the remaining style parts.

Tip: Patterns are stored automatically within the User Styles. It is not necessary to "write" them into the memory.