DR-880: Adjusting the Volume of Specific Drums in a Drum Kit

Tags: volume,kit,drum,dr-880,individual
Use the following steps to change the volume of a specific drum instrument in a Kit.

1. Choose a pattern to edit.

2. Press KIT.

3. Press CURSOR down once to select "DRUM PART."

4. Press ENTER.

5. Press the CURSOR > button once.

6. Press the drum pad that contains the instrument you wish to change.

7. Press CURSOR Down to select "Level."

8. Turn the VALUE dial to adjust the level as desired.
*Tip: You can press the pad repeatedly while turning the value dial to hear the change in volume .

9. When you're finished, press the EXIT button once.

10. If you would like to save the changes you've made, use the CURSOR buttons to select "WRITE."

11. Press ENTER.

12. Turn the VALUE dial to select a desired User Kit to write to -U001 / U100.

13. Press ENTER.