BR-1600CD, BR-1600: Recovering Backup Files from a Computer:

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Use the following steps to recover backup files from a computer onto the BR-1600CD:

1. Connect a standard USB cable to the BR-1600CD and the computer.

2. Press the UTILITY button.

3. Use the CURSOR buttons to select "USB" in the display and then press ENTER.

4. Use the CURSOR buttons to select "RECOVER" and then press ENTER. When connection with the computer has been established, “Copy Song/Data Files to computer” appears in the BR-1600CD's display.

5. The "BR-1600CD" (or "Removable Disk") icon is added to your computer's screen.

Windows Users: If this icon does not appear, open the Windows Start menu and then click on "My Computer" (or "Computer"). The icon will be in "Devices with Removable Storage".

6. On your computer, select all of the contents of the backup files and folders that will be loaded (recovered) into the BR-1600CD.
Note: Be sure that none of the files or folders from the backup have been renamed or their location changed. They need to be loaded back into the BR-1600CD exactly as they were--with their names and locations identical to how they were on the BR-1600CD's hard drive when they were backed up to computer.

7. Drag all of the backup contents into the “BR-1600CD” (or “Removable Disk (*:)”) icon on the computer.

NOTE: You may encounter messages verifying that it is all right to overwrite certain files—you should select “YES” in every instance. WARNING: This will erase all of the contents in the BR-1600CD's hard drive and replace them with your backup files and folders.

8. When the file transfer process is complete, press EXIT on the BR-1600CD.

9. When "Disconnect USB OK?" appears in the BR-1600CD's display, press ENTER.