VS-2480, VS-2400: Quick Routing Record Tracks

Tags: vs-2400,vs-2480,record,routing,route,quick
Quick Routing allows you to quickly route any Inputs, FX Returns, Aux Sends/FX Masters, and Direct busses to any recording track without using EZ Routing.

1. Make sure either TR 1-16 or TR 17-24 is selected for the FADER selection. (TR 1-12 or TR 13-24 on VS-2400).

2. Press and hold the TRACK/STATUS button of the track that you want to record or bounce to. The Quick Routing Screen will appear and all of the FADER selection buttons, TRACK/STATUS, and CH EDIT buttons will start to flash.

3. Press the FADER selection button to choose the source of the signal that will be recorded to that track (IN/TR/AUX), then press the CH EDIT button that corresponds to the number of the channel/buss that you want to feed to the recording track.

For example, if you wanted to route input #5 to the track that you've chosen to record to, you would press [IN 1-16] (on VS-2400 - [IN 1-12], then the #5 CH EDIT button. If you wanted to route FX Return 1 to the track so that the effects from FX 1 would be recorded as well, then you would press [TR 17-24 FX RTN] (on VS-2400 - [AUX 1-8 FX 1-4], then press the FX 1 - CH EDIT button (#9).

4. If you want to cancel a routing, just press the CH EDIT button again. Or, if you want to cancel all of the routings, press and hold the [TRACK/STATUS] button for any track and then press [CLEAR].