Fantom-G6, Fantom-G7, Fantom-G8: When sequencing in Studio Mode, there are duplicate notes on the microscope screen

Tags: duplicate,notes,fantom-g6,fantom-g7,fantom-g8,microscope,extra
All Studio Sets have External Part 1's KBD switch enabled by default, which means notes for that part are layered and will be recorded as well. To disable this behavior:

1. Press STUDIO.
2. Press F3 (Part View).
3. Press F6 (External).
4. Press F2 to select the Keyboard page.
5. Cursor to the yellow KBD box on Channel 1 and turn it off.

NOTE: If no external part's KBD box is checked, the Fantom's keyboard will not transmit notes from its MIDI or USB outs!