BR-1600, BR-1600CD: Selecting a Different Hard Drive Partition

Tags: drive,hard,hdd,ide,partition

The BR-1600CD's hard drive is divided into 40GB sections known as partitions. The following will guide you through selecting a hard drive partition in the BR-1600CD:

  1. Press UTILITY.
  2. CURSOR to "HDD" and then press ENTER.
  3. CURSOR to "INFO" and then press ENTER. The currently selected hard drive will include an asterisk sign (*) to the left of the drive.
    NOTE: If only one drive ("DRIVE 1") appears on the screen, the BR-1600CD has a 40GB hard drive installed and there are no other partitions to select/load.
  4. CURSOR to "DRIVE 1" or "DRIVE 2" and then press press F4(SELECT).
  5. "Save Current?" appears on the screen. Press the ENTER button.