BR-1600CD, BR-1600: Optimizing a Song

Tags: memory,audio,drive,hard,hdd,track,redo,space,undo,optimize,full

When you overwrite or erase audio data by overdubbing, punch in/out recording or track editing, this audio data will not actually be deleted from the BR-1600CD’s hard disk. This data remains in the hard drive so that you may use the UNDO/REDO function. In certain cases, the amount of hard disk space used to store this unneeded audio data may become quite large, and you will not be able to record as much new audio data as you would expect. Use the Song Optimize function to increase the amount of free space on your hard disk by permanently erasing this type of unneeded data.

  1. Press [UTILITY].
  2. Move the cursor to the SONG icon and press [ENTER/YES].
  3. Move the cursor to the SEL icon and press [ENTER/YES].
  4. Use the TIME/VALUE dial to select the song you would like to optimize and the press [F4] (GO).
  5. Press [UTILITY].
  6. Move the cursor to the SONG icon and press [ENTER/YES].
  7. Move the cursor to the OPTIMIZE icon and press [ENTER/YES].
  8. Press [ENTER/YES] to optimize the song.