CDX-1: Sampling to a Pad from an Input

Tags: input,pad,sampling,sample,cdx-1
1. Connect your device/instrument to the appropriate input (for example: plug a mic into the mic input).

2. Press the INPUT SELECT button for the appropriate input. This button will light green.

3. Adjust the INPUT SENS knob to adjust the strength of the signal.

4. Press the PAD REC button in the Pad Recording section.

5. Adjust the INPUT REC LEVEL knob so that the level meter in the screen moves as close to the dotted line as possible without exceeding it.

6. The flashing pad indicates that the pad is ready for recording. To change this pad, press the desired sample pad so that it is flashing instead.

7. To start recording, press PAD REC.

8. To stop recording, press PAD REC.