Basic System Components

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The VM-7000 Series Digital Mixing System is a component-based, customizable system. It consists of at least one Control Surface (VM-C7100 or VM-C7200) and one Processor (VM-7100 or VM-7200).

The Processor(s) provide the inputs needed to bring discreet audio signals into the mixing environment, as well as outputs to send individual or mixed signals out of the mixing environment.

The Control Surface, also referred to as the console, provides the buttons, knobs, and faders necessary to select, route, and/or control individual and grouped input and output channels, system parameters, and effects processing.

At least one Control Surface must be connected to one Processor via a two pair, AES Digital Audio snake provided with the basic system. This cable establishes communications between the console and processor, and allows the console to control all of the parameter and signal routing functions on the processor.

Additionally, it provides a two channel audio path, or bus, from the console's CH 23/24 analog inputs to the processor, and a two channel monitor mix bus from the processor to the console. This latter bus is also used in a dual processor configuration to provide a monitor mix path from the second processor, which is summed with the existing monitor bus mix.