BR-8: Bouncing Tracks

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Track bouncing is the act of combining multiple tracks with effects, or the combining of your individual tracks
into a final stereo mix. On the BR-8, this procedure is
intuitive and easy to perform. In this example, let's combine recorded Tracks 1-6 with reverb onto Tracks 7 & 8 in stereo:

Set Up the Mix

1. While in INPUT REC MODE, set the panning (left/right balance) of Tracks 1-6 as desired by pressing the PAN button. Use the CURSOR buttons to select the PAN knob icons 1-6 and the TIME/VALUE dial to adjust the pan position.

2. Press PLAY to begin playback of the song, and use Track Faders 1-6 to adjust the volume balance of your tracks.

3. Press the REVERB button to apply or adjust the amount of reverb on Tracks 1-6 using the method described earlier.

Change the Record Mode

1. Press the REC MODE button to change from INPUT to BOUNCE recording mode - the BOUNCE indicator will light. The INPUT SELECT indicator will go out and Tracks 7 & 8 will blink red, indicating record-ready status. Tracks 1-6 will be lit solid green, indicating playback status.

2. Press ZERO to return to the beginning of the song.

Bounce while Mixing

1. Press the REC button, and then the PLAY button to begin bouncing. Adjust Track Faders 1-6 if individual track volumes need to be changed as the song plays.

2. Press the STOP button when finished bouncing.

3. Bring Track Faders 1-6 all the way down and the Track 7 & 8 faders up.

4. Press PLAY to listen to the newly recorded tracks.