VS-2400CD: Inserting Effects While Recording

Tags: vs-2400cd,effects,using,inserting
There are two types of effects: Insert effects and Loop (send/return) effects. Insert effects replace the original signal with 100% effect; loop effects are only sending a portion of the original signal to the effects processor. Insert effects are similar to taking a guitar, plugging it into a "stomp box", and then plugging the output of the box into the recorder.

Insert effects applied in the Input Mixer will be recorded directly to the track. Use the following procedure to choose and apply a Vocal Multi effect to a microphone running through Channel 1 of the INPUT MIXER:

1. Hold down SHIFT and press F3 (EFFECT).

2. Press F1 (FX1) and then press it again to select PATCH.

3. With the TIME/VALUE dial, highlight the "P141 :[RockVocal]" patch and press F5 (SELECT) to select it as FX1.

4. Press the IN 1-12.

5. Press the FX INS button and then press CH EDIT 1.

6. Turn FX1 to "INS" with the TIME/VALUE dial. The effect is now applied to Input 1.