RC-300: Input Out

Tags: mic,signal,aux,routing,route,ouputs,xlr,flow

The Input Out feature in the RC-300 lets you mute or assign the inputs to the Main and/or Sub outputs. For example, if you set the Input Out  to "SUB," the signal from the inputs will only be heard through the SUB outputs. If you set it to "MUTE," signal from the inputs will not be heard in either of the outputs. Choosing the right setting depends on your setup and how you're using the RC-300.  

1. Choose a memory location to edit. 

2. Press the MEMORY EDIT button.

3. Press the < or  > button to choose "Input Out."

4. Turn the MEMORY/VALUE knob to choose the desired setting - MAIN, SUB, MAIN+SUB, MUTE.

5. Press WRITE twice to store the new setting to the memory.