TD-12, TD-12S BK, TD-12S WT: Pattern Recording

Tags: td-12,bk,wt,td-12s
You can use any of the 100 user pattern locations in the TD-12's sequencer for recording your playing on the pads. Use the following steps to record a basic pattern:
Note: By default, the TD-12's pattern time signature is set to 4/4. To learn how to change it, or to adjust other pattern parameters, refer to the TD-12 Owner's Manual.

1. Press PATTERN so it's lit.

2. Press F5 (NEW).

3. Press REC — the metronome starts.

4. If you wish, turn the VALUE dial to adjust the tempo.

5. Press PLAY.
The TD-12 provides a one measure countoff. “-1” appears in the display for the duration of the countoff measure.

6. After the countoff, play the pads in time with the metronome.

7. When you're finished recording, press STOP.

8. Press PLAY to hear your new pattern.