SPD-20: Connecting Hi Hat Controller Pedal

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Connect a Hi Hat control pedal (FD-7; sold separately) to the HH CTRL/TRIG 4
jack. Set the Trigger Input switch to HH CTRL. When using an FD-7 you will be
able to control various Instrument parameters in real time.

1) Using the cable supplied with the FD-7, connect the FD-7 to the HH
CTRL/TRIG 4 jack.
2) Make sure that the pedal is fully up or "open."
3) Move the HH CTRL/TRIG 4 select switch to "TRIG4" and then move it back to

Note: When the switch is moved to "HH CTRL" the "Fd7" display will appear
briefly, indicating that the FD-7 pedal has been "recognized" by the SPD-20 and
will now function correctly.