The following procedure will guide through recording a guitar or bass on the BR-1180.

  1. Lower the MASTER fader.
  2. Connect headphones to the headphone jack or speakers to the LINE OUT jacks  on the back panel.
  3. Connect the guitar or bass to the GUITAR/BASS jack on the back panel of the BR-1180.

    Be sure you're connecting the guitar to the 1/4" jack shown above and not any other 1/4" jack.
  4. Press INPUT SELECT button for GUITAR/BASS/MIC 2.
  5. Turn up the volume of your guitar or bass to its maximum position and then begin playing the instrument.
  6. Adjust the INPUT knob for GUITAR/BASS/MIC 2 so that the red PEAK indicator lights briefly at the loudest sounds when playing the guitar or bass.
  7. While playing the guitar or bass, adjust the INPUT LEVEL knob  so that the IN meter on the LCD is showing levels close to -6db.
  8. Slowly raise the MASTER fader.
    Note: If speakers are connected, be sure that their power is on and that their volume is turned up.
  9. Press one of the mono track REC buttons to select the track on which recording will occur. Be sure that the selected button is blinking--regardless of the color.
  10. Press REC and then press PLAY. Recording will begin.
  11. Press STOP to end recording.