VS-880EX, VS-880: Backing up Songs to DAT

Tags: backup,vs-880,vs-880ex,dat
Song information on the VS-880/880EX (recorded tracks, edits, mixer settings, effect settings, etc.) can be backed up to an audio DAT machine. When this information is reloaded on to the hard drive (DAT Recover) the song will be restored exactly as you had saved it. Use the following procedure to backup your song to DAT:

1. Connect the Digital output of the VS-880/880EX to the Digital input of your DAT recorder (the VS-880/880EX uses S/PDIF coaxial connectors).

2. Set the sample rate of your DAT machine to 48khz (some DAT machines do this automatically).

3. Press SONG until "SNG DAT Backup ?" is displayed. Press YES.

4. "STORE Current?" will be displayed. Press YES if you wish to save your current song.

5. Use the TIME/VALUE dial to select the song you wish to backup (select "ALL" if you would like to backup all songs on the current drive).

6. Press PARAMETER>> until "SNG Tape Len =" is displayed.

7. Use the TIME/VALUE dial to select a tape length that is slightly shorter than the length of the tape that you are using. For example, if the shortest tape you are using is 60 minutes long you would select a tape length of 55 minutes on the VS-880/880EX.

8. Press YES. "Backup Ready?" will be displayed.

9. Press YES. "Please Rec DAT" will be displayed.

10. Start recording on your DAT machine and press YES on the VS-880/880EX. If multiple tapes are required to store your backup, the VS-880/880EX will pause after the amount of time specified in step 7 and allow you to change tapes. You may wish to make a note of where the recording began on your DAT tape. This information will be useful when loading the song back into the VS-880/880EX.

11. "Please Stop DAT" will be displayed when the backup is complete. Stop your DAT machine and press YES on the VS-880/880EX. Press PLAY (DISPLAY) to return to Play mode.