VS8F-3, VS-2480, VS-2400, VS-2000: Installing a Plug-In for the VS8F-3

Tags: vs-2400,vs-2480,vs-2000,vs8f-3,install,plug-in

To install the Plug-in included with the VS8F-3 expansion card, install 3rd party Plug-ins for the card, or install a Plug-in from a backup disc, use the following procedure:

1) Insert the SETUP DISC into the CD-R/RW drive.

2) Press the CD-RW MASTERING button. (CD-RW for the VS-2000)

3) Cursor to page 2 and select PLUG-IN Inst and press ENTER/YES.

4) Press F5 (INSTAL)

5)Press ENTER/YES. "AUTHORIZE?" will appear.

6) If you want to install the authorized version, press ENTER/YES. If you want to install the the trial version, press EXIT/NO.

7)Press ENTER/YES. This will complete the install.

Note: When you choose to install the authorized version of the Plug-In it will write authorization data to both the hard drive and to the SETUP DISC. This will prevent authorization to any other hard drive.