RD-700GX, RD-700GXF: Direct Access To All 16 Parts

Tags: rd-700gx,rd-700gxf
By default, the RD-700GX is set up as a 16-part sound module PLUS a 5 part performance keyboard (Upper1, Upper2, Lower1, Lower2 plus the Rhythm part).

This is useful when you are using an external MIDI sequencer to play back a 16 part composition as the sequencer can control 16 instrument parts via the MIDI IN and you can access the 5 internal parts separately via the keyboard. In this mode, the two areas of the keyboard are separate and don't interfere with one another.

If, however, you wish to control the 16 MIDI parts from the RD-700GX itself (and also be able to access them through MIDI) use the following procedure to change the setting:

1. Press EDIT so it is lit.

2. Press the flashing PIANO tone button to select the SYSTEM menu.

3. Press ENTER.

4. Use the LEFT/RIGHT CURSOR buttons to select the menu with "PART MODE: 16 + PERF" at the bottom of the display.

5. Use the DOWN CURSOR button to highlight "PART MODE: 16 + PERF."

6. Turn the DIAL to select "16PART."

NOTE: If you wish to make this change permanent you need to WRITE the changes into memory.

7. Press F1 WRITE.

8. Press ENTER.