TD-20, TD-20S BK: The Tom Rim Click Sound

Tags: td-20,td-20s,bk
Use the following steps to turn the "Tom Rim Click" sound On or Off:

1. Select a Drum Kit to edit.

2. Press the INST button.

3. Press F3 twice.

4. Press CURSOR Down to select "Position Ctrl".

5. Press the TRIGGER SELECT LOCK button so it is unlit.

6. Hit the rim of the tom to be set.

7. Turn the VALUE dial to select the desired setting -("ON or OFF).

8. Repeat steps 6-7 for the remaining toms.
Note: The Tom Rim Click sound is only available when a "V-EDIT TOM RIM" instrument has been assigned to the Rim of the pad.
In addition, best results from Tom Rim shots and Clicks are achieved when using Roland PD-105 or PD-125 pads.