VS-2480: Using the Microphone Modeling Effects on an Input

Tags: vs-2480
These effects are INSERT effects. Once they're applied they're exclusive to that channel. Also, they need to use the input microphone designated in the chosen patch. For example, if you chose P113 [MM:57 -> 87], then you need to use an SM-57 microphone.

1. Press IN 1-16. It will light orange.

2. Press CH EDIT 1, and CURSOR to FX INS.

3. Press YES. Turn the TIME/VALUE dial to select INS.

4. Press EFFECT, followed by F1 [FX1].

5. Press F1 [PATCH].

6. Turn the TIME/VALUE dial to scroll through the effects patches, and highlight the patch you wish to use. The Mic Modeling patches are between selections P110-P138.

7. Press F5[SELECT] to choose a patch. Press F6 to Exit.