GT-3: Calibrating the On-board Expression Pedal

Tags: initialize,gt-3
The following procedure can be used to calibrate the On-Board EXP pedal in the GT-3:
Caution: During the calibration process, ALL User Patches and System data will be returned to the factory default settings. Be sure to back up any information you wish to keep.

1. While holding the PREAMP and EQ buttons, turn on the power.

2. Release PREAMP and EQ, and then press EXIT repeatedly until "Calibrate EXP" shows in the display.

3. Move the EXP pedal to the "heel back" position.

4. Press WRITE.

5. Move the EXP pedal to the "toe forward" position.

6. Press WRITE.

7. When "Factory Load" shows in the display, press WRITE twice.