XV-2020: Turning on a Tone in a Patch.

Tags: editing,xv-2020
XV-2020 Patches can be built using from one to four Tones. Here are the steps to turn on and select Tones within a Patch by using the XV-EDITOR Program.

1. While in the PATCH MODE screen of the XV-EDITOR, click a TONE SWITCH BUTTON that is not lit.

NOTE: TONE SWITCH BUTTONS are located at the upper right of the display. If you want to hear only the Tone you are editing, click "OFF" any other TONE SWITCH BUTTONS that are lit, leaving only the one you want to listen to.

2. Click the TONE SELECT BUTTON with the same number as the TONE SWITCH BUTTON you selected in the previous step.

3. In the WG section of the XV-EDITOR, select the desired WAVE GROUP from the pull down menu. (INTERNAL, EXP.A or EXP.B)

4. Select the desired WAVE NUMBER from the pull down menu.

NOTE: You can select one or two Waves per Tone. If you want to create a stereo Tone, be sure to select matching left and right Waves.