BR-900CD, BR-900: How Can I Record Directly to a CD?

Tags: cd,burn,bounce,directly
  1. Press the INPUT SELECT that corresponds to the input or inputs that you have microphones or instruments connected to.

  2. Adjust the INPUT SENS knob that corresponds to the inputs that you are plugged into.

  3. Adjust the INPUT LEVEL knob so that the IN meter on the LCD is showing levels close to -4db.

  4. Turn up the MASTER fader to the black area of the fader position.

  5. Begin playing audio from the 4-track cassette. Verify that audio is being received above the "L R" meter on the bottom right inside of the BR-900CD's screen.

  6. Place a blank CD into the disk drive and close the tray.

  7. Press the REC MODE button, to the left of the screen, until "BOUNCE" appears inside the screen.

  8. Use the CURSOR buttons to move the cursor so that it is under "78" in the upper right corner of the display.

  9. Turn the VALUE dial clockwise to choose "CD."

  10. Press REC - wait momentarily for the CD to prepare - "Keep power on, now checking.../Creating Track" appears in the display.
    NOTE: If you do not want the audio from recorded tracks to be burned onto the CD and only want a connected microphone or instrument to burn to CD, simply turn down the TRACK MIXER volume sliders.

  11. Press PLAY when you're ready to bounce the tracks.

  12. Press STOP when the song is finished.