SPD-S: Pad Chase

Tags: edit,select

Pad Chase is a feature in the SPD-S that shows which pad is being hit (selected) while you're editing parameters. If Pad Chase is off while you're editing parameters for a pad, you will need to select the pad(s) manually -  (Hold SHIFT and press  < or > ).

This feature (when on) will also display/select the SPD-S's pads if sending MIDI notes to the SPD-S from an external device. 

Here's how to turn Pad Chase on or off in the SPD-S: 

1. Press SETUP.

2. Press ENTER (SYSTEM).

3. Press PAGE right to choose "Pad Chase."

4. Press (+/- ) to select ON or OFF as desired. 

5. Press EXIT when you're finished. The new settings are saved automatically.