TD-6V: Setting the Trigger Type for a Pad

Tags: sensitivity,pad,connections

For optimum trigger results, it's best to match the Trigger Type with the type of pad being used with the TD-6V. Doing so "tells" the TD-6V what type of pad is connected to the input and automatically optimizes the sensitivity settings for that pad.

Here's how to set the Trigger Type for a pad: 

1. Hold SHIFT and press SETUP/EDIT. 

2. Press the cursor right (>) button to choose TRIG BASIC, and then press ENTER.

3. Hit the pad that you'd like to set the Trigger Type for.

4. Press + or - to select the Trigger Type. (For example, for a CY-5 pad, choose "CY Type"). 

5. Press EXIT when you're finished. The new settings are saved automatically.