VS-880, VS-880EX, VS-890: Song Protect

Tags: vs-880,vs-880ex,vs-890
You can protect your songs so they can't be recorded over or erased without giving you a warning. To protect the song selected, use the following steps:

1. Press the Song button until "Song Name/Prtct?" appears in the display and press Enter/Yes.
2. Press the Parameter right <> button until
"ChangePrtct-> On?" appears in the display and press
3. "STORE Current ?" will appear in the display. Press Enter/Yes to store the protected song.

Note: Protecting a song disables the following functions:
1. Recording
2. Storing Current
3. Song Name
4. Song Optimize
5. Undo/Redo
6. Track Edits (Copy, Move, Cut, Erase etc.)
7. Recording a Sync Track
8. Creating Tempo Maps
To restore these functions, simply follow the instructions above and turn song protect Off.