GR-09: Poly Reception

Tags: mono,gr-09,module
When using the the GR-09 as an external sound module, it's best to set the reception mode to "Poly." By default, this mode is set to "Mono." If you connect an external MIDI keyboard to the GR-09 using mono mode reception, only individual notes will play back, while poly mode will allow multiple notes to be played simultaneously. Use the following steps to select "Poly" for the reception mode.

1. Turn off the GR-09.

2. Power on while holding the (-) button. After "P" shows in the display, the GR-09 will continue it's normal startup process.

3. Release the (-) button.

Note: When the GR-09 is powered off and on again, (without holding the (-) button) the mode will return to "mono."