V-Combo VR-09: Connecting to the VR-09 Editor using the WNA1100-RL (Wireless)


The V-Comb VR-09 can connect  to an Apple iPad (r) using the Roland WNA1100-RL Wireless USB Adapter. Use the following procedure to set up this connection using the "Ad-Hoc" mode:

Wireless settings in the VR-09

1. Connect the WNA1100-RL to the USB Memory connector on the front panel of the VR-09.

2. Press MENU.

3. CURSOR to "Wireless" and press ENTER.

4. Use the CURSOR ^/v buttons to select "<< Options >>" and press ENTER.

5. Use the CURSOR ^/v buttons to select "Ad-Hoc Mode," then use the VALUE dial to select "ON."

6. Press EXIT

7. Use the CURSOR ^/v buttons to select "<< Wireless >>" and verify the following settings:

Ad-Hoc SSID is set to "VR-09"

Ad-Hoc Key is set to "xxxxx" (this is set differently for each VR-09)

Connect to the iPad

1. Start up the iPad and select the "Settings" icon.

2. Select "Wi-Fi."

3. Under "Choose a Network," select "VR-09." A password box will pop up - enter the 5-digit number from the VR-09 (Ad-Hoc key), then touch "Join."

The iPad is now connected wirelessly to the VR-09.

Setting Up the VR-09 Editor

1. Start the VR-09 Editor.

2. Touch the gears icon in the upper right hand corner of the application to open the settings window.

3. Under 'Choose a device," touch "VR-09."

You should now be able to use the editor to control the VR-09.