XV-3080: Transmitting Performance Data to an External Midi Device

Tags: system,transfer,external,performance,sounds,xv-3080,data,xfer
You can send all of the settings in your current Performance(Patches, volume, effect settings etc.)to the 'header' of a sequence so that when the sequence is played back into the XV-3080, it will recall all of your settings. To transmit your performance data, use the following procedure;

1) Press UTILITY.

2) CURSOR to UTIL 1 page.

3) CURSOR to XFER then press ENTER.

4) Under TYPE, turn the VALUE Knob to PERFORM.

5) CURSOR to BLOCK and turn the VALUE Knob to TEMP:+Patch-MIDI.

6) Press Record and Play on your Sequencer.

7) Press ENTER on the XV-3080 to start the Data Transfer.

8) Press EXIT 2 times to return to the Main page.