BR-864: Rehearsing Recordings in Realtime Recording Mode

Tags: realtime,pattern,recording,br-864,arrangement,rehearse
Use the procedure below to practice (rehearse) your performances along with the metronome before carrying out Realtime Recording. During rehearsals, the drum sounds are only played, and are not recorded to the pattern even if you press the track buttons.

1. Press [ARRANGE/PATTERN/OFF] repeatedly until the indicator is flashing.

2. Press [PROGRAM].

3. Press [CURSOR] to move the cursor to “REAL,” and press [ENTER]. “REAL” appears in REC MODE at the left of the screen. The Recording Standby screen appears.

4. Press CURSOR [>] repeatedly to move the cursor to “RHR,” and press [ENTER]. The BR-864 is put into Rehearsal mode.

5. Rehearse the performance by pressing the REC TRACK [1/5]–[4/8], [V-TRACK] and [TAP]. You can switch the UPPER and LOWER drum sounds by pressing [RHYTHM PAD].
NOTE: * At this point, adjust Fader 1 to confirm the velocity status.

6. When you have finished rehearsing, move the cursor to “STOP” and press [ENTER].
NOTE: * You can also quit the rehearsal by pressing [STOP].