RD-300NX: Adjusting The RD-300NX Master Volume

Tags: volume,rd-300nx
Use the following procedure to adjust the RD-300NX master volume control:

1. Press MENU so it is lit.

2. Use the CURSOR ARROW buttons to select "System."

3. Press the flashing ENTER button.

4. Use the CURSOR buttons to select "Master Volume."

5. Use the INC / DEC buttons to adjust the volume.

NOTE: The volume range is 0 to 127.

6. If you wish to make this change permanent, press the LAYER EDIT button to display "Are you sure?"

8. Press the flashing ENTER button to display "Executing..."

NOTE: The setting is now saved and will be remembered the next time you turn on the keyboard.

9. Press EXIT several times to return to the main display.