SPD-S: Using the Phrase Maker

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The phrase maker allows you to temporarily record a pad performance.

1. Press PATCH so it’s lit, and then select a patch you’d like to play.

2. Press and hold PHRASE MAKER so it’s lit.

3. Use the + or – buttons to select a desired tempo.

4. Press START/STOP.

5. Play the pads.

6. When you’ve finished your performance, press START/STOP.

7. Press START/STOP to hear your recorded phrase.

Now that a phrase has been created, you can save it permanently as a new wave. This process is referred to as “resampling.” Use the following procedure to resample the phrase you just recorded:

1. Press RESAMPLE.

2. Press PAGE > to display “resample, sure?”

3. Press ENTER—“now processing..” appears momentarily in the display, followed by “write?”

4. Press ENTER.

5. Press START/STOP to hear your newly sampled wave.