RA-800: Editing Arranger Tones

Tags: tones,ra-800
The RA-800 Realtime Arranger is designed to allow easy editing of the Tones used by the Music Style tracks. These user edits are saved in Performance memories for instant recall. Use the following procedure to edit arranger Tones:

1) Select the MUSIC STYLE you wish to edit.

2) Press TONE.

3) While holding SHIFT, press F2 [Arrng].

4) Use the PAGE [^ / v] buttons to select the track to be edited.

NOTE: "ADR" = Arranger drums, "ABS" = Arranger bass, "AC1- 6" = Accompaniment Part 1through 6.

5) Turn DRUMS/PART to display "Prf."

6) While holding SHIFT, press F1 [Bank].

7) Turn DRUMS/PART to select the track to be edited.

8) Turn ACCOMP/GROUP to select the desired tone group.

9) Turn BASS/BANK to select the desired tone bank.

10) Turn LOWER/NUMBER to select the desired tone.

11) Turn UPPER/VARIATION to select the desired variation tone.

12) Repeat steps 2 - 11 to edit additional tracks.