FR-7x: Setting the FR-7x Bellows Parameters

Tags: fr-7x,bellows
The FR-7x bellows settings can be changed so that there is no need to operate the bellows to get a sound. Use the following procedure to make the settings:

1. Press MENU.

2. Rotate the DATA/ENTER knob to display "System 10."

3. Press the DATA/ENTER knob to select the System menu.

4. Rotate the DATA/ENTER knob to select "Bellows Curves."

5. Press the DATA/ENTER knob.

6. Rotate the DATA/ENTER knob to select the desired Bellows setting.

NOTE: Selecting FixedLow, FixedMed or FixedHigh will allow you to play the accordion without moving the bellows.

NOTE: If you wish to make the settings permanent, please complete steps 7 and 8.

7. Press and hold the MENU/WRITE button to display the "WRITE" menu. Release the MENU/WRITE button.

8. Press the MENU/WRITE button (do not hold it down) to confirm and complete the "write" function.

NOTE: "Executing... do NOT power off!" will be displayed during the "write" procedure.

9. Press EXIT several times to return to the main display.