R-5, R-8, R-8MKII: Assigning MIDI Note Numbers to Pads

Tags: r-5,r-8,r-8mkii
Use the following procedure to assign MIDI Note Numbers to Pads when using
other MIDI devices to control the drum machine. Assigning note numbers to pads
makes it is easy to keep track of instrument locations. Another benefit is that
once note numbers are assigned to pads, creating layers comprised of several
instruments is possible.

1) Press MIDI followed by 3.

Note: If you do not see a menu where you can select 3, press EXIT followed by 3.

2) Press the pad you wish to assign.
3) Use the VALUE SLIDER or VALUE -1/OFF +1/ON buttons to select the desired
MIDI Note Number.

Note: Be aware that multiple pads may be assigned to the same MIDI Note Number.
This permits creating a layered effect when the unit is triggered via MIDI.