VS-2000CD: Using Your Markers

Tags: marker,vs-2000cd
Markers are used to bookmark certain locations in a project. When assigned, a marker is indicated by the upside-down triangle symbol at the top pf the playlist.

Placing a Marker:

1. Press the TAP button at the location you wish the marker to be placed.

Jumping from Marker to Marker using Previous and Next:

1. Hold down SHIFT and press the NEXT button to navigate to the next marker in the project.
2. Hold down SHIFT and press the PREVIOUS button to navigate to the last marker from the current position in the project.

Clearing a Marker:

1. Move to the marker you wish to clear using the PREVIOUS or NEXT buttons.
2. Hold down CLEAR and press the TAP button.
NOTE: To clear all the markers at once, hold down SHIFT and CLEAR, and then press TAP.