RS-50: Using the Rhythm Guide

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The Rhythm Guide provides an easy way to produce great-sounding rhythm patterns:

Selecting a Rhythm Pattern

1. Press PERFORM so it’s lit.

2. Press RHYTHM GUIDE so it’s lit—the rhythm begins playing.

3. Use the VALUE -/+ buttons to select various rhythm patterns.

4. Press RHYTHM GUIDE again to halt playback.

Note: You can select a pattern without playing it by holding SHIFT when you press RHYTHM GUIDE. You can then press ENTER to start playback.

Switching Sounds

5. While the pattern is playing, press PART SELECT so it’s lit.

6. Press the RHYTHM & SFX button so it’s lit, and use the VALUE -/+ buttons to select a rhythm kit.

Changing the Tempo

7. Press TAP TEMPO so it’s lit—the current tempo of the pattern is displayed in the screen.

8. Use the VALUE -/+ buttons to adjust the tempo.

9. Press EXIT to return to the previous screen.

Note: You can also press the TAP TEMPO button three or more times to manually tap in the desired tempo.