SP-606: Backing Up Your Data

Tags: backup,data,restore,sp-606
Use the following procedure to back up up all User and Card data:

1. With a formatted CompactFlash card inserted, hold down FUNC and press VELOCITY PAD 10 "CARD UTIL."

2. Cursor down to select "Backup Save."

3. Select the backup location to save to—use "Backup 1" if you have not backed anything up to this card.

4. Press F3 "EXEC."

5. If a warning message is displayed, confirm the backup by pressing F3 "EXEC."

6. Once Backup is completed, press MENU.

7. Connect the SP-606 to your computer using a USB cable.

8. Cursor down to select "5:USB Mass Storage."

9. Press ENTER twice.

Note: The CompactFlash card will mount on the computer as a drive called "FUGUEFAT."

10. Copy the "ROLAND" folder inside the "FUGUEFAT" drive to your desktop. This will make a copy of all your Card samples and Backups on your computer.

11. Eject the "FUGUEFAT" drive.

Note to Macintosh Users: You can eject the drive by dragging it’s icon to the Trash.

Note to Windows Users: To eject the drive, right click on the drive icon in My Computer and select “Eject.”

Note: To restore your backup, copy the "ROLAND" folder back to the CompactFlash card. Then perform the Backup Load to reload all of your original patterns and samples.