BR-1180, BR-1180CD: How to Record an Effect to a Track (Stamping the Effect)

Tags: export,loop,record,computer,delay,reverb,effect,cosm,stamp

When adding a COSM or loop effect to an already recorded track, this effect does not actually get recorded onto the track. This is so that you can freely change the effect parameters or turn the effect on or off.

You can Bounce the track, with its effect, onto an available/empty track so that the effect is actually recorded onto a track. The following will guide you through recording the effect onto a track--also known as "stamping the effect".

NOTE: This will require an empty track to record the effect to.

  1. Add an effect to a desired track.
  2. Press REC MODE until BOUNCE is selected.
  3. Press the REC TRACK button for the track that will be bounced to. This will be the track that the effect will be recorded to in real-time so be sure that the track you are choosing here does not already have something recorded on it.
  4. Lower the fader volume of every track except for the MASTER fader and the track's fader that you want to record the effect with. For example, if you have added an effect to track 3, lower the volume of all tracks except for track 3's fader and the MASTER FADER.
  5. Press REC and then PLAY and let the song play all the way through. When the song is over, press STOP.
  6. The effect has now been recorded onto the track you setup in step 3.